Practical Faith Stories

Every Christian has a Practical Faith story, and we are all desperate for good news. 

In the past few months, we have asked our CBC family to share how Jesus has met them during this time or how God has been using them in this crisis and/or time of social distancing to change them and grow their faith.

Scroll down and click on the link to our YouTube channel to watch their Practical Faith Story.

Do you have a story to share?

Email your 90-second video (landscape format) to Pastor Ryan at

Tony currington

Click HERE to see Tony's Practical Faith Story

christina uribe

Click HERE to see Christina's Practical Faith Story

Jason Dillehay

Click HERE to see Jason's Practical Faith Story

diana fritz

Click HERE to see Diana's Practical Faith Story

Roy Harper

Click HERE to see Roy's Practical Faith Story

Marcia wheeler

Click HERE to see Marcia's Practical Faith Story

Brianna Wysong

Click HERE to see Brianna's Practical Faith Story

Mara Plumpton

Click HERE to see Mara's Practical Faith Story

Connie Wade

Click HERE to see Connie's Practical Faith Story

Mother's Day

Click HERE to see several mothers from our church family

ann ledesma

Click HERE to see Ann's Practical Faith Story

dennis & melody nordine

Click HERE to see Dennis and Melody's Practical Faith Story