Missionary Letter & Prayer Lists

Michael Keila and Mia Dawson, serving in Venezuela


Dear friends, Greetings in our Precious Lord's name.  We have much to be thankful for these days.  Keila continues to feel good and her strength is pretty much back to normal.  She has to go out in a couple of weeks for her last doctor check up, but we don’t anticipate there being any problems relating to her surgery.  It is getting more and more difficult to get back and forth to town.  Our airstrip is once again closed off and special permission is required to use it.  This permission is getting more and more difficult to get.


For example, three days ago a young man fell and his elbow was hugely dislocated and he was in a lot of pain.  Even for this emergency our request was denied, then, two days later, we had to take the boy down to Esmeralda, 52 miles down river to a government airstrip to get him out for medical help.  He was flown out yesterday and the doctor was able to fix his arm.  Nothing is being done for anyone especially the Indigenous regarding medical help.  We had to have him taken to a clinic, go find a doctor and bribe a doctor to come and work on him, but he is now waiting for a flight back upriver.  He is going to be in a cast for at least two months.


Other news, this has been a difficult week as I have been sick with some kind of stomach bug.  On our outreach trips, culture demands we drink the different yucca, banana and other fruit drinks the people offer to us on our arrival at their village.  This has never been a problem for me and I have always drank anything offered, albeit with a few shudders seeing the hands that have squeezed the fruit or other food used for the drink.  But, anyway, I hate to be rude and wanted to give no ground to the devil to blur our message of love by offending someone by refusing to eat with them.


However on our last few trips, after our return, I have gotten really sick with some kind of bug, mostly amoeba.  The treatments for these parasites are rough and further tear up my stomach.  So I have talked with Keila that from now on I am going to just be right up front with every one and assure them that while I would love to eat with them and so appreciate their hospitality but due to my stomach problems, I have to decline.  Anyway, just to let you know what we have been dealing with.


This country continues to spiral down.  It is sad to see how far down this country has fallen. We are being battered by a hyper inflation that is just head shaking.  So far the government has taken off a total of 8 zeros from their currency.  This means that at the old currency we are at 1,029,700,000 to one $!   Along with the hyperinflation, there are shortages of everything from food, toilet paper and fuel.  This is a hurting country.  Prayers appreciated for this poor country.


Through all the years we have been serving overseas as missionaries, we have never had a place to call our own to go and come from.  This has caused difficulties, as we return to the field we leave our stuff scattered in people's basements and attics across the USA.  Problem is, we very seldom return to the same place we took off from years earlier.  Currently, we either arrive to Florida, Virginia or Illinois and then leave from wherever our last meeting happens to be.  So this causes much difficulties in that nothing is located where it is needed when we return. So for the last dozen years or so, we have started thinking and praying about this need.  Also, as our ministry has grown our support team has expanded geographically to the point that we now have ministry partners as far apart as Florida to New Hampshire over to Michigan and upper Wisconsin, then south, going through Missouri on back down to Florida. Basing out of Florida or Illinois or Virginia as we have always done in the past no longer is as efficient as we think it could be.  Now that Ryan and Jenny are ready to head to the field we have discussed the problem that this has become and they are excited to partner with us in this effort.  This will ensure that they have a place to base out of as well.


Taking a map of the USA, it was obvious that the Atlanta GA area is central to our support team.  We started looking for a piece of land where we could build our base of operations in the USA.  Two years ago a friend in the Macon GA area found a piece of land and it was affordable.  We purchased the land and almost have it paid off.  Now for the house to put on it.  Faith in Action, a church group in Wisconsin, has offered to help us get something under roof.  They are planning on being on site from February 20th through March 2, 2019 with a crew to help us get started.


We are planning on returning to the US sometime late December so we can be there on the ground getting everything ready for the construction group.  Ryan and Jenny will also be in the USA from Costa Rica and Ryan will be at the site with us.  Building a base of operations in the United States is a huge undertaking for us and we covet your prayers as we make plans, seek financing and get started on this project.  If there are any of you who would like more information on how you could help or otherwise get involved please don’t hesitate to ask.


Prayer Requests:

- It is becoming more difficult for us to find what is needed to live and minister

- Our health

- Wisdom and needed resources to build our base of operations near Macon GA.

Prayer list for the week of October 14, 2018

Dear Lord,

Please give me a better understanding of Your Word and a better understanding of the Holy Spirit's lead in my life. Thank you. Amen.


New This Week

*Joyce Clark - broken ribs

*Diana Zeeff has been moved to Medilodge- pray for more strength each day

*Keri White's father, David moved to Oakview - pray for more strength each day


Upcoming Surgeries

*CEF Wendy Southwell - back surgery this Monday 10/22

*Jan Stacker - lung cancer surgery this Monday 10/22

*Sabrina Grant - brain tumor surgery on this Friday 10/26


Our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Barb Knudsen who went to be with her Lord on Sunday, October 14.  Services will be held Saturday, October 27 at CBC. Visitation @2:00 pm, Service @3:00 with a luncheon following.


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