Missionary Letter & Prayer Lists

Missionary Letter November 25, 2018

Daniel and MeLinda Nelson family, serving in Latin America


Que Pasa?


What's a Southern Cone?

No, we are not talking ice cream.  We are talking about the southern region of the South American Continent.  The three of us (Dan, MeLinda, and Marcos) just returned from a gathering of all our missionaries in South Cone Initiative.


The Southern Cone Initiative is focused on major cities of Uruguay, Argentina, and the three southernmost states of Brazil.  Its vision is to see a gospel movement in every metropolitan region with over a million people in Argentina, Uruguay, and Southern Brazil in our generation.  Please pray for our Initiative Leader, Jonathan Matthews, and his team as they seek to accomplish this God sized dream.


Ministry Teams X 2

In August, Stapleton Church in Denver sent a team to help us with a Vacation Bible School in Ciudad Guzman.  This is the ninth team which Stapleton has sent us, and the second year we have taken them to Ciudad Guzman.  The team did a fantastic job leading crafts and sports for the over 200 children who attended.


Miguel and Rous (pronounced rose), the pastor of the church, are following up on the contacts.  The two of us have been coaching Miguel and Rous since they began planting the church 3 years ago.  It is exciting to see them develop as leaders and to see the church growing.


We will be hosting a second team from Grace Bible Chapel in Grand Rapids, Minnesota over Thanksgiving.  This team will be working on a church building in a poor area of Puerto Vallarta.


Missionary Assessment

Tomorrow Dan leaves to participate in a Missionary Assessment Center.  Over a 3-1/2 day period he will help evaluate11 people who are considering serving with Converge as missionaries.  Please pray for wisdom, insight, and discernment for Dan and the other assessors as they meet with these people to evaluate them.

We are always looking for more global workers.  If you or someone you know may be interested in serving in Latin America or another part of the world, please have them contact us.


Caring for our Parents

This past July and August were difficult months for our parents.  On the 5th of July, Dan's father, Charles Nelson, suffered a heart attack followed by a second heart attack 5 days later.  We were thankful that we had arrived 4 days before to visit and were able to be with them.  A couple weeks later, Dan's mother fell and broke her wrist.  Then the first week of August she had a heart attack as well.  Both have recovered and it appears that neither of them have much residual damage from the heart attacks.

On the 19th of July, MeLinda's father suffered a stroke from blood clots which affected his vision.  The medication he was given to dissolve the clots caused him to have a brain bleed.  He has recovered and is back home, but his vision is severely impaired.  MeLinda was able to spend a week with her parents in July and then another week in October to help them settle back into their home in Texas.  Please pray for both of our parents as they deal with challenges.


Furthering our Education

In October, Dan started a Doctor of Ministry program with Siox Falls Seminary. He has been wanting to do some writing for some time. The program he has entered focuses on producing a written project.  His goal is to write a manual in Spanish for Church Planters in a Latin American context.  This program is innovative in many ways.  Since most of the work is done by internet, Dan will be able to do this as a part of his present ministry.  Please pray that God would give him clarity and wisdom as he does his research and writing.


Prayer Request  Summary

  •         Pray for Jonathan & Erin Matthews as they lead our new Southern Cone Initiative.
  •         Pray for Dan as he participates in the Ministry Assessment Center this coming week.
  •         Pray for our parents health challenges.
  •         We still are in need of an additional $300/month in needed ministry funds.
  •         Pray for additional laborers called to serve in Latin America.
  •         Pray for wisdom and clarity for Dan as he works on his project for the Doctor of Ministry Program.

Prayer list for the week of November 25, 2018

New This Week

*Jan Stacker - praise no cancer

*Jenna Silver's future mother-in-law Lisa has cancer.

*Sabrina Grant - praise that the brain tumor was not cancerous



Our deepest sympathies to the family of Harrison Baldwin who passed away on Sunday, 11/18/18. Services were held 11/24. 

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