Missionary Letter & Prayer Lists

Dennis & Melody Nordine, serving in Philippines & Thailand


We worshiped this morning in the Bread of Life church planted by Cawilihan Zubiri , our very first Masters Degree graduate back in 1990!  There was a big crowd in the mall theater where they meet.  We talked with retiring pastor Zubiri a couple of weeks ago and today heard the new “life coach” (the term they now use for the preacher in their mall service) speak in the seeker-sensitive service.  Melody has had the joy of helping catalogue 10 boxes of books Dr. Zubiri’s has donated to the BTC library.


BSOP missionary Ethel A. has finished the “final draft” of her dissertation researching factors that motivate Thai Buddhists to want to know more about God, Christians and Christianity.  Pray for Ethel on Tuesday, April 10—the day scheduled for her to defend the dissertation before a panel at the University of San Jose here in Cebu.  We’ll not be in the defense room, but we’ll be praying right along with you that God will give her wisdom.


We met again Friday evening with our former neighbors from the Bible discussion group we led for several years.  This time we had four more neighbors join who were unable to make our meeting over the Easter weekend.  Pray that God will continue to work in all of their lives.  Two who came Friday night are not yet seeking to make God a significant part in their lives.  Pray that their hunger for God and His Word will grow.


Dennis’ grad school class entitled “Changes” has begun—fourteen eager students are enrolled—three hours daily, six days a week.  One day he shocked everyone when he dressed up like a penguin and taught about change as depicted in the Harvard University Press bestseller, Our Iceberg Is Melting! We have had terrific interaction and networking this week.  They’re all great students; the group includes the lead pastor of a multi-site church that had 1000 on Easter, the administrator of a prestigious MBA program here in Cebu, and the founder of “Gospel Clowns”—a Saturday children’s outreach to over 300 kids in an urban poor area.  The Changes class also has solo pastors, church planters, Bible college professors, and church staff—it is a privilege to be their learning coach for another week. It is hard to stay ahead of such a gifted group.  Pray for our endurance and health; pray that we’ll learn all we can from one another this week.


We appreciate so much your fervent prayer.



 Prayer list for the week of April 15


New This Week

*Sylvia Griffin - PTL good results from tests

*Mike Didur's dad Steve - back surgery recovery

*Cindy Grycki - surgery Mon 4/16

*Mary VanDusen - surgery Tues 4/17

 Mission Trips

Dennis and Melody Nordine to the Philippines (8 weeks) Cambodia (1 week) and Thailand (8 weeks) from February 14 - June 12.


Craig and Dianne Nasson to Africa with the Rafiki Foundation March 5 -April 19

Returning this Thursday. Pray for safe travels back home.

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