Missionary Letter & Prayer Lists


Ann Ledesma & Glenda Tuling, both serving with Bethlehem Star of Peace



            Praising God for an opportunity to minister the Thai people.  Last week, we started to teach English class at Santisuk Ladkrabang and I am grateful for my 3 students, who are eager to study with me from Monday to Friday.  At first I am a little bit nervous to teach English on the first day of class.  And it's challenging because I am a little bit confuse on how to follow the flow of the curriculum but praising God every day is a miracle.

            One of my student her name is Jeen, she told me that she almost stop studying English in level 2 at Santisuk because she bored, but thankfully she decided to enroll again and when she attended on the first day of the class and heard the story of the blind man she said Jesus is a Superhero and very Kind and I replied with a big "YES,  A Real Superhero" and very Kind.  Then she decided to continue level 2, then her essay topic she chose is "What is Faith?  I am surprise about it.  Then my other student "Bill" his name also ask how can a blind know that Jesus is coming in the town?  I said because the blind man heard it that Jesus is coming.  And "Iw" my 3rd student, he choose an essay topic about "'Blindness".  I never expected that he chooses that topic which relates to the story of the Blind Man on the first day we discuss.  I am excited to teach everyday with my 3 students because everyday is a Miracle.


Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for each of my students to seek more about Jesus.
  • Pray for me as I interview one of my student because the second part of it is about asking who is Jesus for them.
  • Pray for the intervention of the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray for strength and wisdom everyday as I teach.
  • Pray for safety as well as good health.


"Kapun Ka" (it means Thank You) for Praying. God Bless

            Shine, BSOP Cambodia



Dear Prayer Partners,

            I have wonderful and interesting time teaching in Santisuk English Center--Silom.  I am teaching two classes, Level 2 and 5.  In Level 2 class I have five students.  This level there is an interview with the teacher and student.  In the interview we can ask about Jesus and what do they think of the Bible stories in their book.  Two of my students heard the name of Jesus before they attended the center.  One keeps coming because of the acceptance and warmth she has every time she comes to the center.  After the interviews I was able to pray for my students. They were willing to be prayed for.

            In my Level 5 class I have three students.  One of my student in this level, Tony, keeps coming to the center's English Friendship Group every Friday night.  We learn more Bible stories in English, sing songs, and talk about the Bible story (sort of a cell group).  Tony is also joining the Friendship Camp.  The camp is for all Santisuk English School and centers to come and fellowship among each other.  Students who are not believers are also invited to this gathering.  I am grateful to God for my Level 2 and 5 students.  God is working in their lives, especially that they know that we are Christians and feel the love, acceptance, and joy every time they come to the center.

            I praise the Lord for the strength and wisdom each day.  It is a different environment from Battambang but to feel and see the need of Jesus in this city is just the same.    Pray for my students that God will continue to speak to their hearts and they will see the love of Jesus through our lives.  Pray for Tony that the things he will experience and see in the camp will open his heart more to trust in Jesus.  He is seeking the Lord and asking questions from the Bible.

            Pray for peace and non-violent Cambodian national election on July 29th.  God is in control of the one who is in control.  Thank you for your support through prayers and financial giving to God's work here in Asia, especially in Cambodia and as of now Thailand.  Our labor in the Lord is not in vain. 

             Press on, Glenda

Prayer list for the week of August 12, 2018


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