Missionary Letter & Prayer Lists

Jerry & Carol Thorne - ArkLight Ministries, LLC Jail Ministry


2018 Annual Meeting

          A public presentation of the Oceana County Jail Ministry will be held on June 19, 2018 at the New Era Bible Church, 8308 S. Oceana Dr. New Era.  A reception starts at 6:00 p.m. with a catered meal at 6:30 p.m. and program at 7:00 p.m.  The program will 1) include an update from the Oceana County Sheriff's K-9 Unit and 2) an overview of Christian leadership programs and youth/family camping opportunities offered at Grace Adventures.  Director Steve Prudhomme will lead this presentation.  The main purpose of the Annual Meeting is to update the public of ministry programs in the Mason and Oceana County Jails.  This will be given by ministry workers and describe efforts to reach out to inmates and their families with programs like Angel Tree, Christian leadership training and Reentry Assistance.  An RSVP is requested.  There is no charge for the meal but freewill offerings will be taken.  Please respond by June 15, call (231)425-3693 for information and reservations.


Family Outreach

          Over many years the OCJM has offered Angel Tree Program and Summer
Camp Scholarships to inmate children.   The Board has also offered limited Reentry Assistance to inmates when they first got out.  This included transportation, personal and work supplies, clothing, housing and food.  Financial support has come from many churches, individuals and private businesses.  Examples include the Roy Price Family Outreach Fund, the Oceana Community Foundation Youth Fund, and recently the William Lathers Charity Trust.  For all designated donors we are very thankful.

           The board is in the process of reviewing Family Outreach programs to better assist inmate children and significant others.  The inmate will continue to be the primary sponsor for family members to participate.  i.e. Angel Tree, Christian development or basic needs assistance programs.  The primary goal is to consolidate the several restricted accounts into a more manageable approach.  Meanwhile, camp opportunities may be expanded to year round retreats and learning experiences open to anyone in the inmate's family.  The scholarship amount per person/incident will remain limited for better use of donor gifts and encourage financial participation by family and local churches.  As example, our Reentry Needs award is limited to $50 per situation and Angel Tree gifts limited to $20 per child.


Summer Outdoor Worship Services/Events

          This will be the 29th year for summer outdoor worship at Yogi Bear Jellystone Campground in Silver Lake.  The OCJM worship team is organizing ten Sunday services starting July 1 and ending September 2, 2018.  The public services start at 10:00 a.m. and are conducted at the pavilion behind the camp store.

          We encourage jail ministry workers and supporters to join us at any Sunday Service.  Helpers are welcome to greet visitors, serve refreshments, and be available for prayer with individuals responding to the invitation at the end of each service. 

           A new outdoor worship opportunity will be offered at the Ludington State Park Amphitheater on the Sunday mornings of July 1, August 5, and September 2.  Service time is 10:00-11:00 a.m.  The worship leader is ArkLight Ministries, LLC (Jerry & Carol Thorne).  Attendance and ministry helpers are again encouraged.  A freewill offering will help support the MCJM.

       "Our Kids Got Talent" competition is being organized again this year for Sunday, July 22, at Rotary Park in Ludington, starting at 3:30 p.m.  Awards will be given for best performances.  A freewill offering will be taken to support our ministry at Mason County Jail.  Volunteers are needed to assist the participants, audience and to judge the talent entries.

           The highlight of the summer outdoor events will be "West Shore Got Talent" competition at the Oceana County Fairgrounds on Tuesday, August 21, Hart.  The primary goal is to bring the Gospel to the public in worship and music.  Your attendance and referral of talented musicians to these events will be appreciated.  The net proceeds support of this event supports the ministries of OCJM.  For more information on these services or music events, please contact Jerry Thorne at (231)425-3693 or jerrythorne@charter.net

Prayer Requests

         Annual Meeting: Pray for God to receive the glory for all that has been and is being done through this ministry!  Pray for God to bring those who have a heart for those who need to meet Jesus and be set free.

          Mason County Jail: Pray for this ministry and out OCJM workers assisting in it.

          More Workers/Speakers:  Pray for God to bring more ministers/speakers to share the Gospel on a rotating basis.  Pray especially for more bilingual ministry workers.

          For MDOC Prison Mail Changes:  New rules for prisoner mail has severely restricted what can be sent to inmates.  Mail is being denied, which is demoralizing to the prisoners and frustrating to those in correspondence ministry.

Prayer list for the week of June 17, 2018

 New This Week

*Barb Knudsen - lung cancer diagnosis

*Sylvia Griffin - heart cath. on June 20

*Stratton's grandson Alex Miller -health issues

*Dykhouse’s son Dennis - health issues

*Jade Oquist - newly pregnant and on bedrest.



*We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the family of Nancy Smedley, Jessica Houghton's guardian and friend. The memorial service will be held here on Friday, June 22 @ 11 am


*The memorial service for Pat Volz who went home to be with the Lord in February will be held at First Baptist Church of Pentwater on Monday, June 25 at 11 am with a lunch to follow.



*On Monday, June 25 from

5-8 pm at Big Boy, a benefit dinner will be held for Kat Devers, Nikki's mom who has been diagnosed with Chronic Lung Disease. Tickets are $12.99 and proceeds will go towards the financial burden on her and the family.

Family Prayer List


Sylvia Griffin

Al & Cindy Grycki

Eric & Jenn Grycki Family



Mary Jane Haas

Tom & Kari Hallead Family

Mark & Rebecca Hamilton Family



Mike & Karen Hamilton

Demas & Christina Hammerle Family

Lisa Haner Family


Terry & Margene Hankwitz

Cassie Harper

Jack & Char Harper



Roy & Dawna Harper Family

Evie Hartley

Joe & Karen Hasselbalch



Charles Hebert

John & Christina Hendricks Family

Ricky & Randi Hendrickson Family


Ron & Beth Henrickson

Joe & Ida Hernandez

Sandee Hernandez



Hannah Filter

Kathryn Filter

Elizabeth Fritz



Naomi Billings

Sheldon Carey

Riley Carey



Tobyn Nelson

Drew O'Neal

Care Home

Marjorie Robinson

Dee Schmidt

For a complete list of Prayer Requests, pick up a sheet in the literature rack behind the Welcome Center.