Missionary Letter & Prayer Lists

Missionary Letter January 21, 2018

Sean and Wendy Southwell, 

serving with Child Evangelism Fellowship of MI, Shoreline Chapter


Happy New Year from Shoreline CEF.  It is exciting to start a brand-new year, and to see what the Lord is going to do.  I am so looking forward to this new year of ministry.


This is what the Lord did in December. Before schools let out for Christmas break, four children started attending club.  One of the new children was in our Foster club in Ludington.  This club started with just one child, and only had one child for the first three weeks, now it is up to nine children enrolled.  Praise the Lord for what He has done with this club.  Wendy and I have had the privilege of watching this club grow.  All 10 of the clubs range from 4 children enrolled up to 40 children.  This brings our total enrollment for the clubs this year to 191, with 10 coming to know Christ as Savior.  Praise God!  For the second half of our club year, we are praying that at least nine new children start attending clubs.  This will help us to reach our goal of 200 children enrolled in clubs.  One of our committee members is working on starting a club in Hart.  When this club starts, this will help us reach our goal of 11 clubs.  Please pray with us that this club will start this month.  Pray, as the other clubs restart, that children will remember to come back and that they will invite their friends so we can see the other clubs grow as well.


Testimony from Clubs

The Lord provides in great ways.  One thing we like to be able to do is purchase club shirts for the children that attend clubs.  At the beginning of the year, the chapter did not have enough funds to purchase shirts.  Through much prayer, First Baptist Church of Fremont, which has adopted the Pathfinder Good News Club, gave money to buy shirts for all the children in that club.  Also, another church in the chapter gave so we can purchase shirts for the other clubs in the chapter.  We are thankful for these gifts.


5-Day CLUB

Yes, it is still winter outside, but it's time to start thinking about summer.  Last summer, we had a total of 17 5-Day Clubs throughout the shoreline chapter.  In these clubs. We had a total enrollment of 275 children, with 15 coming to know Christ as Savior.  This summer, we would love to be able to have at least 18 clubs with more children in enrollment.  Are there children in your neighborhood that need to be reached?  Is there a week that you can give an hour and a half each day to host a club?  Will you pray about hosting a club this summer?


Christmas Across America

During the month of December, we were able to have five Christmas party clubs throughout the chapter.  Three of them were in schools where we already have clubs.  In these party clubs, we had a total of 46 children attend. There were more clubs that were planned, but they were canceled due to weather.  We Praise the Lord for the clubs we were able to have.


Budget for 2018

One of CEF's Quotes is "Ask God, and tell his people."  Another quote is from my favorite missionary, Hudson Taylor. He said: "God's work done God's way will never lack God's supply."  CEF of Shoreline believes that we need to live both of these quotes.  So, we are letting you know our yearly budget for 2018, and letting you know what we need to bring in each month to beet this budget.  The committee and staff have put a lot of prayer into this budget and we ask that you pray with us as well.  Yearly budget - $76,182; Monthly need to reach this budget - $6,349



Our teacher's fellowship will restart on January 8 at our office. Prayer time will be at 10 AM with fellowship to follow at 11 AM.  Our next Pie Fellowship will be held on February 8 at 6:30 PM at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Ludington.  Mark your calendars for April 7.  This is the date of our annual banquet.  This year we will be having it at Shelby Road Baptist Church.

Prayer list for the week of

January 21, 2018

New This Week

*Asher Visscher, 6 month old son of Caleb and Sarah has been diagnosed with IS-Infantile Spasms and going with treatment

*Thorne's daughter Pam - recovering from brain aneurism

*Anthony Wade - health issues

*Rich Stratton - pacemaker surgery recovery

*Lavina Knowles - pacemaker

surgery recovery

*Praise the Lord! - Barb Knudsen's niece Lori is recovering well from her kidney transplant surgery. The new kidney is working well and all blood work is great!

Families to pray

for this week


SuAnn Bowen

Allison Bradshaw

Bob & Pat Bradshaw



Dan & Nancy Bradshaw

Karen Bradshaw

Shawna Bradshaw



Chris & Carrie Brandt family

Gary & Trudie Brandt

Gordon & Carol Briggs



Greg Briggs family

Chuck & Carolyn Brown family

Gene & Rosanne Brunke



Chantel Bryant family

Tim Bryant

Gene & Jane Campbell



Missy Carey family

Barbara Carlson

Louie & Rosie Carlson



Brittani Case family

Louis & Staci Case

Jerry & Jalaine Chansler



Jared Ruba

Huck Runk

Anne Runk



Jacob Schoon

Zac Schoon

Jenna Shinsky



John Shinsky

Nathan Trim


Care Home

Don & Pat Volz

Ray & Lori Lemke

For a complete list, visit the literature rack behind the Welcome Center or the Church Office