Missionary Letter

Missionary Letter for May 28, 2017


Wilondja and Shirley Masongezi, Cameroon


      Can you believe it's been three years and seven months since we left the states?  Since we have spent almost four years on the field, Coverage Worldwide recommends a home assignment of 12-months to reconnect with our ministry partners and take our vacation as well.  We have confirmed out flights from Yaounde, Cameroon to Atlanta, GA on June 1st, with a week layover in Anderlue, Brussels so we can visit our oldest daughters family: Julianna & Pastor Pierre Mulengwa and our for precious young adult grandchildren.


      Our first term as church planters in Cameroon has been satisfying, filled with a plethora of cross-cultural lessons that are helpful in establishing a solid foundation for the church plant we envision God launching one day.  For now, what has brought fulfillment is the three couples that are members of our Core Leadership Team:  two French - speaking and one bilingual couple.  They have been the joy of our lives and ministry these past year and a half that we've been mentoring and coaching them. However there were to be four couples, but we lost one of them and joined a cult.  It seriously broke our hearts, but we are hopeful that one day the Holy Spirit will reveal the truth to them.


Our financial and ministry update: 

      It appears our love for the ministry in increasing each year, even though we've celebrated more than 65 years of life. Our passion is to train Cameroonians to church plant without us being physically present one day. Wilondja and I are honored to have you in our lives. Your prayers and financial support are vital part of our success. Continue praying for God it plant a transformation church in Bafoussam by 2020. We are not ready to retire yet, but feel that God is leveraging our gifts, experiences and skills to see God multiply our Small Group. We are compelled to continue working in the joy and strength of the Lord while we are healthy. Pray with us for the $1465 / month that we need to replace during our home assignment, that we lost the last two years. We look forward to seeing each of you very soon. We've truly missed being in your presence.


Pray with us:

1. For the 572 contacts that heard the gospel since we arrived in Bafoussam.  Pray that our Small Group would be able to identify those among the contacts that truly seeking a personal relationship with God in exchange for their traditional religion.


2. For our radical move, we're making to leave the place where we've called "home" for the past 3 1/2 years. We agonized in prayer over the decision that God wanted us to make.  In the process, he opened the door to a rent storage facility in the basement of the apartment complex of our dentist, that will help us eliminate the cost of utilities, security guards, twice as much rent, and not having to be concerned about insecurity during our absence.


3. In faith that God will provide another house or apartment  in town next year that is more strategic  where people are hungry for the word of God.


4. For our financial support that needs to be replaced during our home assignment that was lost for the last 2 years.  Add the church visits that are excited to make, see other ministry partners, and spend quality time with our own family that we've seriously missed. 


Together is better.