Missionary Letter

Missionary Letter ~ July 23, 2017

From Sean & Wendy Southwell serving with Child Evangelism Fellowship       


We had a great start to the summer ministries.  There was a lot happening during the month of June.  The first event was the Asparagus Festival.  We had a great day on Friday and most of Saturday.  Toward the end of Saturday, the wind really picked up and almost blew the tent away.  By the end, we were able to share the Gospel with 99 people.  We hope that the Lord will cause the seeds that were planted to grow.


The next event was a 5-Day Club taught by Bumps in Mears.  Nine children had a great time attending the club, held in a park.


While the club was going, Wendy, Virginia, and I went to Christian Youth In Action to train teens to be summer missionaries.  There were some changes at training this year.  The first change was that training only lasted nine days, so the schedule had to be reorganized.  Wendy served as the education coordinator of the training.  This was a very big change for her, but she did a very good job.  I served as the assistant director because of merging the two levels of training.  We had 73 students this year, which was a little down, but I feel it was good because of the changes we made.  All three of our teens did well.  Hailey was student staff this year.  Overall, the training went very well.


During the last week of training, the Bumps did a VBS at Faith Bible Church in White Cloud.  This was the third year that we were able to do VBS for them.   They had a Survivor theme, with a total of 23 children coming.  This month, we have up to three clubs or VBSs every week.  Pray that all will go well and children will come.



During the month of August, we will be in two fairs.  Last summer, we were able to share the Gospel with almost 500 people between the two fairs.  We hope to reach more this year.  To do that, we need people to come help.  If you would like to help with games, hand out free tickets, face paint, or tell a Bible lesson, we need you at the fair. 

West Michigan Fair - August 8-12

Oceana County Fair August 22-26


Teacher Training

In September, we will restart our monthly teacher fellowships, and will have them through March.  This is for all Good News Club teachers and helpers.  During this time, we will fellowship, share ideas, give club helps, and pray together.  Our first fellowship will be September 11 at 11:00 a.m.


We also plan to hold another Teaching Children Effectively (TCE) Level 1 course in the fall.  If you would like more training to be a better teacher in your church or you would like to teach a Good News Club, this course is for you.  Possible dates and times will be announced in the next newsletter.  If the dates and /or times don't work for you, but you want to take the course, we will work with you to find the best times.  Call the office and ask for Wendy Southwell to let us know you are interested in taking the course.


Child Evangelism Fellowship of MI

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