Prayer List

Prayer list for the week of

July 23, 2017



This Week

*Janet Oquist - kidney stone blasting surgery on Monday, July 24

*Elaine Ingraham - knee replacement surgery on Tuesday, July 25

*Kari Hallead - hand surgery recovery

*Darlene O'Neil - hospitalized this week

*Dean Ratcliffe - cancer surgery July 31



We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to Carol Briggs and her family. Gordon, (husband, father and grandfather) went home to be with the Lord on Tuesday, July 18. A memorial service is being planned but details are not finalized yet.



We would like to congratulate Doug and Jill Turner on their new grandson, Benjamin Stamper, born on Friday, July 14 to Jesse and Lexi Stamper. Benjamin weighs 7 lbs                  5 oz and is 20 inches long.


Cancer Treatments

*Paul Barnett’s wife, Hannah

*Ben Bidwell’s brother, Andy & cousin, Shirley

*Trudie Brandt's mother

*Naja Budreau

*Gene & Jane Campbell’s daughter Sheryl

*Mike Chappell’s father, Bill

*Kari Clark’s sister, Honey

*Jessica Dodson

*Christie Ernst 

*Roxann Karpenske’s friend, Libby and father

*Barb Knudsen

*Becky Lindenau’s sister, Irene

*Jerry Linstrom’s nephew Mike Webb *Luurtsema’s cousin, Sophia (4 yr old) & Uncle Al

*Michael Luurtsema’s brother, Mark

*Oquist’s friend Ann & nephew, Dylan

*Sue Seerveld

*Melinda Swanson’s sister-in law Sheila

*Clyde Tenney

*Kris Thompson


Health Issues

*Jeanie Anderson’s daughter, Elisa

*Karen Barnard’s father

*Barnett’s mothers

*Mary Qwen Barrington

*Randy & Christina Bedker

*Bonnie Bergeron

*Gordon & Connie Betcher

*Kristie Boon

*Karen Bradshaw - eyes

*Missionary Sue Briggs

*Gordon Briggs

*Jane Campbell’s friend Joyce  

*Russ Carroll

*Bill Clark

*Gabriel Clark

*Clinton Cogle

*Mary Ann Cogle

*Alanna Cohoon

*Bev Comstock

*Connie Conrad’s parents

*Mike and Judy Copenhaver

*Pat Crawford

*Pat Crawford’s sister, Barbara Almond

*Bev Curtis’ daughter-in-law, Barb

*Jeff Dashner

*Becky Davis

*Mike Didur’s dad, Steve

*Becky Dodson

*Carol Dolezal - major stroke

*Devin Dollarhide’s sons, Christian and Anthony

*Deanna Dunnegan, sister to Bonnie Garrett and Karen Bradshaw

*Don & Jan Fallis’ daughter and family

*Jan Fallis

*Ann Folland’s sister, Lisa

*Jack Flynn

*Diana Fritz

*Amy Frojd’s father

*Mark & Brianna Frojd

*Bonnie Garrett

*Diana Gatzke's mother, Dorothy

*Lee Gay

*Sylvia Griffin’s nephew, Andre

*Anesa Beilfuss-Gulembo - rare blood disorder and pregnant

*Amy Hartley

*Charles and Mary Ann Hebert

*Beth Henrickson

*Hogenson’s friend, Ward VanDammee

*Jerry & Shannon Hogenson

*Elsa Mae Houk

*Eunice Hulth

*Marilyn Hunter-benign brain tumor

*Lisa Jones

*Don & Lynn Justice’s parents

*Roxann  Karpenske's mother

*Donna Kelly’s brother, David

*Kevin Knowles

*Kelly Knowles

*Walter and Lavina Knowles

*Knowles’ friend Betty Wonders

*Barb Knudsen’s sister, Elsa

*Kathy Lacko

*Dave Lambix’ sister Brenda

*Ray & Lori Lemke

*Karen Losch’s mom

*Michael Luurtsema’s brother, Mark

*Pat Marley’s sister-in-law, Gerrie and brother Terry and friend, Ann

*Patti Marley

*Pat Marley’s son Alex

*Elaine Martin’s uncle, George

*Eric and Kori Massey

*Cinthia Miller’s friends, Nicol, Bobby and Ashley’s husband

*Cinthia Miller’s father-in-law

*Laura Mosier’s mother, Janet

*Corey-Ann Mullen

*Dianne Nasson

*Jacklyn Nehm

*Holly Nelson’s sister, Carrie

*Adrian Nelson, son of our Missionaries Dan and MeLinda Nelson (Mexico)

*David Obrinski – brain tumor

*Darlene O’Neal’s cousin, Leroy and friend, Carol

*Janet Ortquist  

*Albert, Joyce, and David Padron

*Padron’s nieces, Kay, Diane, & Valerie

*Ellen Pastoor

*Pastor Jim"s mother, Sylvia

*Marcie Poll

*John Ramsey’s niece, Susan Williams

*Fil and Ruth Ramon’s daughter, Stefanie

*Ernie Richardson

*Roberts’ nephew, Lucas 

*Fred and Julie Robinson's friend Kevin

*Lee Schoenherr

*Ellen Schroeder’s sister, Karen

*Carolyn & WT Shelton

*Carolyn Shelton’s niece, Melody

*Don & June Short

*Galen & Paula Smith

*Jim Snyder

*Herb Stenzel’s mother, Margaret

*Gail Sterley

*Karen Stevens

*Melinda Swanson’s dad, Paul and step mom, Elizabeth

*Jerry and Carol Thorne's daughter, Angie *Rick and Mary Tyler

*Carol Vogl

*Don and Pat Volz

*Vickie Williams' friend Audrey Walker *Cathy Dodson Wiles

*Keri White’s parents, David & Esther

*Mike, Adam & Abby Williams

*Joy Young’s siblings, Steve, Don & Louise


*Herb, Beth and Sean Stenzel - rebuilding from house fire in April





Darlene O'Neal & Ronald Kozuch

Andrea Oppenhuizen Family

Ron & Ronda Oppenhuizen



Joe & Janet Oquist Family

Ron & Janet Ortquist

Albert & Joyce Padron



Elsbeth Palnau

Tom Paniucki & Collette Rodriquez Family

Jim & Ellen Pastoor



Jeff Patterson Family

Scot Patterson

John & Lela Pavlick



Bill & Mary Ann Payne Family

Jack & Laura Payne Family

Bill & Dianne Perry



Cleve Petersen

Charles & Nancy Peterson

Jackie Peterson



Jim & Stephani Peterson Family

Scott & Kim Peterson Family

Stan & Barb Peterson



Ryan Foley

Briana Frojd

Heather Gentry



Tori Lancour

Adrienne Linstrom

Kaine Linstrom



Ryan Riemer

Ian Schroeder


Care Home

Nancy Rodriquez

Joey Rodriquez



     Thank you for the flowers, visits, and prayers while I was in the hospital and Tendercare recovering from hip surgery.

I am blessed to have such a caring church family and friends.

                        Clinton Cogle