CBC Students Special Events

  • Student Ministries Series

    "The Big Buts Of The Bible” - There is a small word that is found throughout the Bible, and it means a GREAT deal to us. We are (fill in the black) BUT… 

    Through this small word, we can learn a whole lot about what God has done for us and how He loves us!

    I hope you can join us! You can check out some of our past services (during Covid on YouTube.)

  • Student Permission Slips

    We know that your time is valuable, and we know forms aren't any fun, but in order to ensure the best experience for everybody on our trip and make filling out forms as convenient as possible, we put our permission slip right here for you to print and fill out at your leisure. You're welcome!  Go ahead and try it: Click the circle on the left and tell us this is the best legal form process you've ever had.