CBC Students Special Events

  • Student Ministries Series

    Join us Sunday evenings at 6:30-8:30pm at the beach for our Student Ministry Service. We are in our Politicked Series and are looking at Biblical perspectives of who our allegiances should be with and who our REAL opponent is. I hope you can join us! You can check out some of our past services (during covid on YouTube.)

  • Dare 2 Share LIVE!

    Between the pandemic, protests, and political unrest, teenage depression, anxiety and suicide are at an all-time high. I believe we must do something radical to change the spiritual trajectory of this current generation of teenagers. Only the good news of Jesus can set them free from all they’re going through! That’s wha Dare 2 Share LIVE is all about. It’s about unifying a generation with the hope of Jesus and then mobilizing them to reach their peers until every teen everywhere has every last chance to put their faith in Jesus. The answer to what ails our country is found in Jesus and Jesus alone.

    On October 10th, 2020 thousands upon thousands of teenagers will rally together in hundreds of churches across the nation to bring peace, unity and hope. Through powerful worship, inspirational talks, hands-on training, and cutting-edge technology, teenagers will be unleashed to serve the poor and reach their peers in their local communities. Now more than ever with violence, distancing, isolation, and depression rampant, students are stepping out with the message of life, serving and bringing the gospel to make a difference because the gospel changes everything.

    Doors open at 11:30am and the event will conclude at 7:30pm (dinner served around 5pm).

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  • Student Permission Slips

    We know that your time is valuable, and we know forms aren't any fun, but in order to ensure the best experience for everybody on our trip and make filling out forms as convenient as possible, we put our permission slip right here for you to print and fill out at your leisure. You're welcome!  Go ahead and try it: Click the circle on the left and tell us this is the best legal form process you've ever had.