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Venezuela - The Dawson Families

Dear praying friends,


            On the 14th of January we were supposed to be flying from Caracas to the United States but due to circumstances beyond our control, we decided to postpone our departure until March.  We have been in the jungle since 2016 except for a few months when Keila was undergoing her surgery, so we are feeling stretch and stressed and were looking forward to a break, but like I said, things were out of control.


                These are uncertain days in Venezuela. The National Assembly has just declared an interim government with the president of the National Assembly as the provisional president of Venezuela. May countries of the world, including the USA, have already recognized him as the new leader of Venezuela. The government here has been ominously silent. Please pray for a smooth transition. This is way overdue here. Here is an example of one of the reasons things are difficult here.


            Four months ago, the government took 5 zeros off the currency. The exchange rate at the time was 4,300,000 to one$, so without the 5 zeros it became 43 bolivares to $!.  Now, just a short time later, the bolivare has devalued to where it is now 3,100 to $1 US. This would be 310,000,000 - yes, that is millions!  Oh, by the way, if you add the three zeros that then President Chavez took off, that would be 310,000,000,000 -  yes, that is billions! This has made this very difficult as now, no one wants or accepts bolivares. Stores will only accept $, Colombian pesos or the yellow metal that they make wedding rings out of. Since we have to do all of our purchases long distance, this has made it even harder.  Please pray for Venezuela.


            Then, on top of all this, we are facing possibly one of the most difficult problems we have ever faced down here, and that is a huge deposit of gold has been discovered upriver from us and large amounts of illegal miners are trying to get up into the area. This entire area is Yanomano land and they do not want them coming in and polluting their rivers and destroying the jungle but as we know from our own history, once gold is discovered, it is almost impossible to stop people from coming in. Talk has not stopped anyone, so lately, Yanomamo men have gone out and stopped boats, taken their equipment and physically turned them around. Much prayer is needed.


            As I mentioned, we are feeling tired so this time in the US, we are planning on staying back possibly 6 months or more, rather than the 2-3 months as we have normally done.  Lord willing, along with some much needed rest, we are hoping to get our own base of operations built. Up until now, we have not had one place we go to and return from which has caused us to have, as I mentioned in other letters, stuff scattered hither and yon and almost never where it is needed.  Faith in Action, a construction team, has offered to help us get our house under roof. We are praying we can get other teams from other churches to also help us with this needed project. We are building just a few miles north of Macon, Georgia. Looking at a map of the USA and of our support base, Macon is pretty centrally located. Your prayers are coveted.


            This letter was started last week, but things have been hectic and I was not able to finish it. Now, it is the 22nd of January and tomorrow, the 23rd, is a huge day in the history of this country. Back in 1958, they rose up and overthrew the then dictator, Perez Jimenez. The interim government is asking everyone to take to the streets tomorrow to make history repeat itself. Pray for this country. We would love to have the Lord raise up a Godly government for this poor country.


            Again, thanks so much for your love and concern for us. Thank you for your sacrificially giving that allows us to be here sharing the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are honored to be partnering with you all in this work.

Prayer list for the week of February 17, 2019


New This Week

*Marilyn Hunter-knee surgery recovery

*Jan Stacker-broken arm

*Ellen Pastoor-fell & bruised

*Karen Bradshaw- PTL eye surgery was successful and her vision has improved!



*Our deepest sympathy to Vickie Williams family. Vickie's mother, Donna went home to be with the Lord on Monday, February 11. A memorial service will be held later.


Dear CBC,

    Thank you for your support of the Promise FM. We are honored to serve our Lord Jesus Christ and our community with you. We pray that you will all be blessed and strengthened.

God's Blessings,

The Promise FM Radio

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