Missionary Letter & Prayer Lists

Sean and Wendy Southwell, serving with Child Evangelism Fellowship of MI, Shoreline Chapter





      It has been a very busy but fun summer.  It’s hard to believe that it’s almost over.  This summer, we scheduled 19 5-Day Clubs. Out of the 19, we held 12 during July.  Of those 12 clubs, 6 of them were in places where we have not had

clubs before.  We were very thankful for that.  Three of the clubs were sponsored by a church that we have never worked with before, however one of those clubs did not have children.  Even though the other two clubs were small, the people of the church were very excited.  They were very impressed with our summer missionaries, expressing how great it was to see teens teaching the children.  Our teens enjoyed them as well.  One of our summer missionaries asked the pastor to have clubs again next summer.  The Sunday after the clubs, Wendy and I went to the church to report on the clubs and tell them about other opportunities.  One of the church members showed interest in teacher training and Good News Club.  The clubs ranged from 5 to 38 enrolled, with three children coming to know Christ.  Pray that children will come to six more clubs scheduled during the month of August with three of them in new locations.

   On July 17, I was able to go to the National Baby Food Festival in Freemont for the children’s expo.  This was a one-day event at which I handed out literature, had a game, and told people about Child Evangelism Fellowship ministry. Because of the very hot weather, attendance was down. I was still able to talk to 350 people.  Overall, it was a good day; we plan to be back next year. 

     Besides clubs, we have two events, and two fairs in August.  Pray that        children will come, and that there will be good weather.



     School will be starting in a month.  That means Good News Clubs will be starting as well.  Last school year, we had 11 clubs, 9 were in schools, 204   children enrolled with nine praying to receive Christ as Savior.  This year, our goal is to have 12 clubs.  We are praying for new areas to start new clubs.  We are also looking for new teachers and helpers to join us this school year.  Clubs will start the end of September or beginning of October.  If you would like to help us reach the children for Christ, please contact our office.  We do provide training to prepare you to be a teacher or helper.


NEEDS for Good News Clubs

    - Prizes

    - Snacks (pre-packaged, individually wrapped,  no nuts or peanut butter)


Teacher Training

      Attention children’s workers and people who want to work with children. 

We will be offering a Teaching Children Effectively course in October. This is a       33 hour course lasting four weeks.  There will be a cost for this course. 

Be watching September’s newsletter for more details, or you can call our office. 

      We also have a course called Quick Start training.  This is a video training that we can do as a group or you can watch online.  This one is free.  If you would like to participate in one of these trainings, please contact our office to let us know which training you would prefer.




Prayer List for August 18, 2019


Bruce Lowing, Chairman

Roy Harper, Jeff Beilfuss, Amy Ruba,

Dan Bradshaw, Kristen Wallace,

Mike Basler, Lisa Barnett, and Bill Payne



1)  WISDOM, UNITY, and DISCERNMENT for our Pastoral Search Team.

2)  Pray that Cornerstone would be a church that FOLLOWS Jesus and makes FOLLOWERS of Jesus.

3) Pray that we would be GROWING in our love for Jesus that is demonstrated by our practical LOVE for ONE ANOTHER.



*Bruce Sears-hospitalized with pneumonia and small blood clot

*Gary Ratcliffe - recovering from heart attack and surgery

*Christina Uribe’s parents – mother hospitalized with lung issues and father having heart issues

*Nikki Devers - upcoming test to check on concerns for her baby boy’s development

*Jane Campbell - upcoming back surgery on August 29

*Mark Barnett - knee replacement surgery on 8/21

*Paulette King– friend of Stenzels,

terminal cancer diagnosis

*Joe Hasselbalch - health concerns

*Shirley Smith -shoulder surgery recovery

*Duane Ingraham Jr - hospitalized with heart issues



*To Andrew and Kayela Yankee on the birth of their son, Ezra Timothy on                 Tuesday, August 13. Ezra weighs 8lbs 3 oz and is 21.5 inches long. Proud grandparents are Jim and Kristen Wallace and proud great-grandparents are Clayton and Mary Ann Cogle.



*Chris Moyer will be going to 6 countries in Africa with Rafiki Foundation to oversee construction and maintenance of the orphanages

from August 17-Sept. 7


*We would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the following families who had loved ones go home to be with the Lord recently:

*Mike and Ginny Didur’s sister-in-law Marta

*Julie Ingison’s sister-in-law Kristina Ried’s father Jim Ryckman

*Evan Taylor’s father, Dave Taylor

*Jackie Nehm’s biological father, Frank




Jerry & Carol Thorne

Eric & Sarah Thue family

Joy Tidwell

Scott & Eliese Tilmann

Heather Trout family



Nathaniel Dillehay

Noah Dillehay



Ryan Ruba

Anne Runk



Kyle Gracia

Jarrod Knapp



Donna Tripp

Bev Comstock



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