Missionary Letter & Prayer Lists

Missionary Letter

Dennis & Melody Nordine, serving with Bethlehem Star of Peace in Thailand and Cambodia


2019 has been a year of change and expansion for our Bethlehem Star of Peace (BSOP) family.  In Thailand we (Dennis & Melody) saw two of our former English students make public commitments to follow Jesus in their baptism. They along with several others were baptized—joining the Santisuk (Peace) Church being started in their center.  In January 2020, we are again leading a small group to  teach English with Santisuk in Bangkok.  We still need a couple to  join us in teaching February 6 thru March 6.  Contact us ASAP if you’re interested.


Change & Expansion in Thailand

Rhesa has begun serving full time at Santisuk Pakkrett.  Their first call group has started—the foundation for the future church there. Mitch has successfully completed the foundation level of Thai language study.  She’s exploring where she can serve most effectively in the future while still studying Thai culture and Biblical Thai language.  Don, Carol and CJ will depart next week for a much need recharging on Home Assignment in the Philippines.  The Nordines, their short term teammates, and Ethel will “fill in” at their Santisuk center while they’re away.


Change and Expansion in Cambodia

Ann has moved to her ministry location in Thumokol town.  Several  of her youth were recently baptized.  Jenny is now directing a new half-way house for young women who are ready to re-integrate into society after being victims of human trafficking and been rehabilitated in their campus program.  Darcy and Aileen have seen several young men and women take giant faith steps in the infant church they are beginning in southern Kampot City.  Mary Jane (Bing) is starting “Shine”—hoping it will become a network of cell churches over the next decade.  Aide Rose has moved to one of the most neglected and least reached regions of Cambodia.  Anglong Veng was the headquarters and last holdout of the Khmer Rouge.  Two house churches have already been started and three m ore villages are now being engaged weekly.


Yesterday we (Melody and Dennis) talked about the generous givers mentioned in 2 Corinthians 8 and 9.  We are so thankful for you generous partners of the BSOP family.  However, there has been an unexpected change in overall giving for BSOP ministries this year.  We are more than $25,000 behind in giving compared to last year.  Pray with us that December and beyond will see increases in financial giving for the BSOP family.


We would like to thank the following Pastoral Search Committee members: Bruce Lowing-Chairman, Roy Harper, Jeff Beilfuss, Amy Ruba, Dan Bradshaw, Kristen Wallace,  Mike Basler, Lisa Barnett, and Bill Payne, for all their hard work throughout this past year in praying and seeking God’s Will, researching and interviewing potential candidates, and choosing a candidate that we are looking forward to serving together as a church family. Thank you very much!

                                                                    The Staff and Congregation of CBC



Prayer List for January 12, 2020



1)  That God's GRACIOUS HAND would be working to complete the process to bring the DeBLAAY FAMILY here to Ludington.  Praying for HIS TIMING in the transition.


2) That our Mission Teams that were SENT (HONDURAS and THAILAND) to serve would realize GOD'S FAVOR in connecting with people that don't know JESUS yet.


3)  That our church family would be LOVING one another JUST LIKE Jesus loves us, so that we all would experience God's love through HIS BODY and SHOW who God is to our COMMUNITY.



*Shirley Linscott has fallen

*Carol Vogel has fallen and is in rehab in Baldwin

*Ryan Crawford, 16 year old grandson of Larry and Pat Crawford begins chemo and radiation on tumor on his spine in his neck

*Mike Malburg is recovering from knee surgery

*Jerry Chansler had a heart attack last Saturday and improving

*Salvation for a family member of Don Rivard

*Grandson Chris Armstrong is currently homeless and needs to turn his life around

*Ann Schmock—pregnancy issues at 30 weeks



We would like to extend our deepest  sympathy to Craig and Sandy Coleman. Craig’s grandmother Mary and Sandy’s father went home to be with the Lord within a few days of each other.


Mike & Ginny Didur

Jason & Joye Dillehay

Glen & Carol Dolezal

Michelle Drabenstott



Alyssa Sayles

John Sayles



Luke Snyder

Zachariah VanDusen



Jarrod Knapp

Tobyn Nelson



Joey Rodriquez

Donna Tripp



*Kyle Snyder - 3 month mission work in Honduras


Honduras Mission Trip

January 4-19

John Runk, Chuck Brown, David Wright, and Brian Stevens


Thailand Mission Trip

January 8-February 7

Jerry and Jody Young

January 8-April 15

Dennis and Melody Nordine


France and Togo, Africa

Greg and Luke Briggs



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