CBC Prayer List

Additional requests will be added throughout the week

Mike Walter's is recovering from back surgery. Please pray this will relieve the pain he has been experiencing.

Bonnie Yarber had a heart attack and is in Mercy Hospital in Muskegon.

Jade O'Brien is currently having issues with her pregnancy. She is 30 weeks along. Please pray for her and the baby girl's development.

Julien and Angel Maurer, son and daughter of one of our newest members, Tim and Celestina, have been diagnosed with NF1 ( a disorder that can affect multiple systems in the body. Please pray as they wait to see if their youngest son, David has it too.

Linda Ruby is recovering from foot surgery.

Rick Morton's cancer has metastasized to his liver and prayers are needed for future testing and treatments. This is a hard time for the family.

Clinton Cogle is now at Medilodge recovering and gaining strength.

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