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Sermon Notes ~ Sunday,  August 18

Series: Ensuring the Future Church

Part 5: Living in the Last Days

2 Timothy 3:1-9


           A.   Are we living in the “last days”?

                           (Hebrews 1:1-2)


           B.    Timothy is experiencing what Paul predicted in Acts 20:29-30


I.           Terrible times (3:1-4)

            A.    “Terrible times” is Paul’s general description of this era

                   “Terrible” means “outrageous”


            B.    Paul gives no hope that things will get better


            C.    The details of these times

                   (This is a shortened form of Romans 1:18-32)

                  1. People love themselves (3:2)

                      a. Lovers of money

                      b. Boastful

                      c. Proud

                  2. They do not love God (3:4)

                  3. Their family life is dysfunctional (3:2)

                      a. Abusive

                      b. Disobedient to parents

                      c. Ungrateful

                      d. Unholy

                      e. Without love

                  4. Antisocial (3:3-4)


II. Deformed faith (3:5-9)

           A.    Religious, but not biblical


           B.    Divorce faith from morality

                      (Isaiah 1:11-14; Matthew 23:25)


           C.    Evangelistic in their zeal (3:6)



Paul’s encouragement in verse 9 is that these evil people will not last