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Sermon Notes ~ Sunday, April 14, 2019

3 Days: Grave

Behind the Stone

Luke 23:44-56



            A.         Standing beside a grave is a painful experience

            B.         It creates feelings of hopelessness


The burial

            A.         Joseph of Arimathea claims the body

                        1.         It is a bold act (Mark 15:43)

                        2.         Pilate is surprised Jesus is dead (Mark 15:44)

            B.         Nicodemus helps with the burial (John 19:39)

            C.        The women observed all this (Luke 23:55)


The disciples

            A.         Where are they?

            B.         Evidently they are in hiding

            C.        Obviously, there were not expecting anything else of

                        significance to happen


What’s it like the day after a funeral?

            A.         There is a sense of unreality

            B.         People tend to get depressed

            C.        The grave was never where humanity was intended to

                        end up

            D.        Now even Jesus is behind a stone

                        1.         He raised others from the dead, but now he is dead

                        2.         If even Jesus succumbs to death

                                    a.         The world is hopeless

                                    b.         Life is meaningless

                                    c.         The judgment of God is certain

                                    d.         The human race will end “not with a bang, but a

                                                whimper? (T.S. Eliot, The Hollow Men)



“Life is a tale, told by a fool, signifying nothing” (Macbeth)