Life Groups

A Life Group is a smaller functioning version of our Church.   We are a Christ-centered, Word-focused, Spirit-empowered family that shares life in Jesus Christ together.

Our Life Groups Mission is to REACH, MATURE, and MULTIPLY followers and groups for Jesus Christ.

If you are interested in learning more about our Life Groups connect with Pastor Ryan and he have have someone get in touch with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the groups a bible study, a social gathering, a little bit of both?
    • Most of our LGs are both social and involve a Bible Study or a book or video series tied to the Scriptures.
  2. What types of bible studies do they have and how do they choose? 
    • Usually our groups have the freedom to choose a book or Bible study that they believe will help them grow together.  At times our Life Groups will work through studies based on our weekly sermons or curriculum that will help all of our Life Groups (like our Life Group Bibilcal DNA Studies).
    • Pastor Ryan White works with the LG leaders as they choose studies to confirm that they are Biblically sound and a good fit for them.
  3. What is the composition of the group (singles, couples, young parents, older parents, a bled of generations, etc.)?
    • Most of our groups are mixed with couples and singles. You’ll usually find that our groups have different generations represented. Although, not every group is diverse in age ranges.
  4. How are the meetings being held (in-person or online)?
    • All of our groups are meeting in person. Our Life Groups can provide a virtual option for you if you’d prefer or if you’re out of town and would like to connect.
  5. How frequently are the groups meeting?
    • Most groups are meeting every other week or twice a month.  Some meet weekly.
  6. Is child care provided?
    • We don’t want parents to struggle with the cost of childcare in order to connect in a Life Group.  We encourage parents to choose the babysitter/childcare worker that they are comfortable with.  If financial help is needed for childcare, please reach out to Pastor Ryan and he will work with you to help with the childcare need.