Mission & Vision

We are a Christ-centered, Word-focused, Spirit-empowered Church Family committed to seeking first God and His Kingdom by LOVING, SERVING, and SENDING one another in Jesus’ name and for His glory.


At Cornerstone everything we do begins and ends with the cross of Christ.  Jesus is our firm foundation and focal point for all living and being. God and His kingdom are what we are called to seek first. (Mt. 6:33).

MISSIONThe Mission of Cornerstone Baptist Church is to be a Christ-centered, Word-Focused, Spirit-empowered Church Family committed to seeking first God and His Kingdom by Loving, Serving, and Sending one another in Jesus name and for His glory (1 Cor. 10:31). 

LOVINGWe believe that God has called each of us as a part of the Cornerstone Family to be faithfully and passionately pursuing Him. We will do this by demonstrating love  for  Him,  one  for another, as well as to the communities in which we live (Jn. 13:34-35). 

SERVINGWe will serve God by being faithful to His Word and prayer. We will  serve  one  another in and through the regular ministries of Cornerstone as we do life together (Acts 2:42-47). And we will also look to serve our community by regularly reaching out, loving on and giving to them as we have opportunity to be a living example of Christ with them. 

SENDINGWe believe that we’ve been given the Great Commission for intentionally discipling one another into a biblical preparedness, so that we each will live sent-out lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ to make more disciple-makers (Mt 28:16-20, Acts 1:8).

VISION: The Cornerstone Church family desires to re-ignite our passionate love for Jesus through a renewed vision and intentional pursuit of PRAYING, PREACHING, and PEOPLE by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. We will be Reaching, Maturing, and Multiplying people in loving relationships with God and one another in Life Groups. We will bridge the gap to our community and be the place where loving and transformed Christians are found doing life together.